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Quality Assurance

We deliver only the highest quality honey products to our clients all over North  America

Quality Assurance

Installed with some of the most advanced honey testing equipments such as Randox, Evidence Investigator and Chemwell Automated Elisa Reader, our in house Lab is a state of the art and well equipped set up. We have a team of highly qualified technicians and experience scientists who conduct deep analysis of honey as per National and International standards (FSSAI & BIS). After undergoing various tests, the end products are sent to the lab Intertek, in Germany for the final approval and certification. Following are some of the highlights and features of the functions at our lab:

  • AOAC methods to analyze honey quality, purity and identity
  • Residue analysis for antibiotics and pesticides
  • We perform pollen count on all unifloral honey for their nomenclature.
  • A thorough and detailed commercial analysis, inclusive of F/G ratio, HMF, diastase and sugar profile is done.
  • Microbiological test are done on the raw and finished products including aerobic plate count and yeast count.
  • We are persistent and consistent with our quality monitoring. This includes paying close attention to specification such as colour, moisture and flavors.

Quality Honey Imports to North America

Our Certifications

We carry all the relevant certifications to ensure quality and timely delivery of your honey!